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Gamecocks Fight at Labour debate
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Gamecocks Fight at Labour debate
Gamecocks Fight at Labour debate
1 hour ago
THE HAGUE - The prickly expired first debate between candidates party leader Diederik Samson and Lodewijk Asscher festers by the Labour Party. A party split looms, now Asscher has opened the brutal attack on the man who made him deputy prime minister four years ago.

It's time for 'change', says Asscher and he mentioned during the debate that the Labour Party would have a chance at the next formation as Samson remains the leader.

Especially Asschers allegation that Samson during the previous formation 'has sat quartets' with the values of the Labour Party put bad blood in Samsoms supporters. Asscher was intimately involved in the formation and was constantly kept informed of the discussions with the VVD. The Deputy Prime Minister servant therefore a representation of reality where Donald Trump still could take a lesson. It fits into a pattern at Asscher knows a parliamentarian. "When the going gets tough, Louis is always around the corner."

MP Jan Vos, who has called for Samson, found that Asschers play occasionally were "below the belt".

Mud Fight
"They are neither the faint hearted, but it should not be natural mud fight," warns his colleagues Servaes. An Amsterdam supporter of the Chamber finds it just beautifully done what Asscher. "That's what you get when you organize a struggle for leadership. Diederik has really upset me. "

Few people in the Labour Party dare to say with certainty who the battle will win the party leadership. That makes shy; before you know it you offend your new leader. A parliamentarian who wishes to remain anonymous for this reason, thinks Asscher very fierce low drive towards the man who was long gone by the fire for the party four years.

"Uncomfortable atmosphere"
"The group is still 50-50," says MP Mohandis. "Asscher was villainous. I mean that positively. I have the feeling that he knows better what PvdA really loves doing. "There is no yesterday discussed the confrontation between the two Labour guns in the group meeting, he said. But: "The atmosphere is uncomfortable." Other MPs claim to have the debate 'not seen' and adhere scrupulously to the plain.

Samson said Tuesday in Parliament that he is not going to slap tough back Asscher. "He refuses to stoop to that level" sounds around the foreman leader. That Asscher "simply untrue got to tell you, there was some time by Diederik stunned," said a red source, which certainly says to know that the Labour Party members do not appreciate the nasty behavior of Asscher.

Saturday there is a new confrontation between the two rivals.
05-01-2017 18:53
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